One size doesn’t fit all!

No two organizations or businesses are alike … neither are their needs, wants or budgets. Our approach is to meet with you to learn about your unique and individual requirements, and then design a process specifically for you – one that fits your needs, goals, timelines and budget.

Strategic Planning

Anticipating change and being proactive are the keys to successful strategic planning. Our processes focus on helping you create realistic, creative and practical plans that work for you! The result is a doable, measurable approach that works towards the fulfillment of your goals versus a plan that sits on a shelf gathering dust.


Whether researching the latest trends, best practices of others, or acceptance rates for a new idea, our promise is for results that are grounded in careful and objective research. Through methods such as surveys, interviews, focus groups and secondary research we provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

Business Development

Much of our work in this area relates to ways of assessing your income generating potential and helping you develop the strategies to improve.  We undertake a thorough assessment of your operation, as well as your potential market and competition. The outcome is a detailed plan that helps you to move forward and strengthen your position.

Organizational Development

Strong governance policies and detailed operational plans are key elements to success for any organization or business. We work with you to ensure appropriate governance policies are in place, and help you to develop detailed operating plans that are realistic and measurable.

Cultural Tourism

As a growing area of our economy, cultural tourism has the ability to deliver on numerous levels. We have the knowledge and expertise to bring these complimentary, but unique, sectors together whether it’s developing strategies for cities or towns, consortiums or individual organizations.


To help increase capacity in your organization we offer training in governance, marketing, sponsorship and proposal writing.

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Our mission is to provide innovative and practical management and marketing solutions. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing the arts, cultural and tourism sectors and we are committed to their success.