Business Development

Much of our work in this area relates to ways of assessing your income generating potential and helping you develop the strategies to improve.  We undertake a thorough assessment of your operation, as well as your potential market and competition. The outcome is a detailed plan that helps you to move forward and strengthen your position.

Whyte Museum Shop Retail Strategy and Plan –
Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies

Developed a Retail Strategy and Plan for the Museum’s Gift Shop in light of the Museum’s current Strategic Plan which included a call for the revitalization of the brand for the Museum. The project included: document review; extensive sales analysis; on-site research and consultations with staff; competitor research and analysis; product research; and a review of current shop promotions. The final report included 26 recommendations related to: a revised product mix and sales targets; promotional strategy; shop policies; and other related matters. A timeline for implementation of recommendations was also provided to support a three-year rolling budget.

Strategic Review –
Cypress Hills Destination Area Marketing Organization

Conducted a review of this newly developed Destination Marketing Organization’s strategic plan to ensure the plan’s objectives were aligned with funders and members; and reviewed and evaluated the membership and Board structure to assure appropriate representation and ongoing growth and development for the organization. The project entailed extensive document review and interviews with the Board and organization’s members. The final report included 20 recommendations related to the Board governance model and composition, membership structure, governance policies, and other issues; and a timeline for implementation of recommendations.

Grant Program Review / Revision –
Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation

Following the development of a new strategic plan, conducted a review of the grant programs of the Foundation to ensure the programs supported the revised strategic direction of the agency. The work included: review of Foundation documents; research into grant programs in comparable jurisdictions; online survey and interviews with previous grant applicants; investigation into other grant adjudication processes; and interviews with other key stakeholders. Following the delivery of the final report and under separate contracts, was engaged to develop the revised application process and adjudication procedures; and attend and evaluate the next round of grant adjudications.

Remai Art Gallery of Saskatchewan Business Plan –
Mendel Art Gallery

Following three months in the position of Interim Director of Finance and Operations, assisted management in the creation of the business plan for the new Remai Art Gallery of Saskatchewan. Responsibilities included: coordinating the work of five consulting firms contracted to provide research associated with the new gallery’s business model, development of a six-year budget incorporating gallery operations and new revenue-generating streams, liaison with the City of Saskatoon and Gallery management in the development of the business plan, and drafting the business plan for management review.

Strategic Review –
Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation

The study for the province’s lead heritage agency entailed providing professional strategic planning services, advice and direction to the Foundation respecting the development of a longer term strategic plan for the agency involving issues of mandate, mission, vision, resourcing, public profiles, governance and relationship to government. The study entailed: an extensive document review; analysis of the policies and programs of the Foundation; cross-Canada research into comparable governance models; extensive stakeholder consultations (survey and focus groups); and a facilitated strategic planning session. The result was the development of a strategic plan, and recommendations related to governance, policy and program revisions, public profile, financial and human resources, and partnerships.

Fundraising Strategy –
Saskatoon Community Youth Arts Program

The purpose of this contract was to develop a detailed fundraising strategy aimed at increasing self-generated revenues for the organization. The work entailed extensive document review; training sessions with staff regarding fundraising basics; review and revision of the Vision, Mission and Values of the organization; SWOT analysis; Case Statement development; research into and development of a Prospect List; and development of an integrated fundraising strategy and timeline for implementation.

Quality Assurance Program Consultations –
Tourism Saskatchewan

As a first step in the design of a quality assurance program for the hospitality and tourism industry, Tourism Saskatchewan contracted Fast Consulting, R Anderson and Associates and Terry Schwalm and Associates to conduct extensive industry consultations. Responsibilities on this contract included collaboration on the development of the survey instrument and focus group discussion guide; focus group facilitation; and collaboration on the analysis of all findings and report recommendations.

Purchasing and Promotional Strategy –
Mendel Art Gallery Gift Shop

This contract entailed 1) evaluating existing inventory and establishing a purchase plan for the 2009 Christmas season: 2) developing a purchasing strategy and promotional framework for 2010 and beyond. The purchasing and promotional strategy entailed research and interviews with over 200 artisans across Saskatchewan and Western Canada; development of a detailed product mix and relevant policies; and development of a detailed promotional strategy.

Retail Market Assessment –
Saskatchewan Craft Council

In partnership with Fast Consulting, this retail market assessment entailed: surveying over 400 higher income neighbourhoods in Regina and Calgary; high-level interviews with over 30 craft producers in Saskatchewan and Alberta; conducting two focus groups in Regina and Calgary; analysis of all findings, and preparation of recommendations and report related to the market viability of a retail shop in either city.

Capital Expansion Feasibility Study –
La Troupe du Jour

In partnership with Fast Consulting La Troupe du Jour, a Saskatoon based French language theatre company, contracted us to determine the feasibility a shared Production Centre that would be utilized year-round by La Troupe du Jour, other theatre companies, dance groups, and other arts organizations. Responsibilities of the contract included: primary research to assess interest and the needs of related groups in the shared Production Centre; identification of opportunities and challenges; a review of best practices of similar centres; renovation and real estate analysis; examination of potential funding sources for the project; and development of a report to guide the Board in its future decision making. As a result of the study, the company was awarded a Cultural Spaces grant that enabled it to purchase a building for its Production Centre.

Merchandising Baseline Research Study –
Tourism Saskatchewan

This study entailed secondary research with comparable jurisdictions and primary research with key stakeholders involved in the production or promotion of cultural products. The final report provided highlights of related studies, and the experiences of comparable jurisdictions in linking cultural products with the tourism sector. It also included the linkages that key stakeholders, (involved in the production or promotion of cultural products) have with the tourism industry, as well as their views on the opportunities and challenges associated with connecting cultural product and tourism.

Business Plan Strategy –
Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange Society

The purpose of this contract was to assist the SCES in the development of a business plan strategy for its building, the SCES Complex. The project entailed primary research with user groups, potential users, and members of the SCES, as well as a strategic planning session with SCES board and staff. The final report contained a detailed SWOT analysis and environmental scan related to the building, inclusion of the Ends and Impact Statements developed at the planning session, and an overview of the next steps required completing a comprehensive business plan.

Business Development Feasibility Study –
Ness Creek Cultural & Recreational Society

In partnership with Fast Consulting, this feasibility study examined the viability of the development of a cultural, ecotourism destination facility in the Big River area in northern Saskatchewan. The project and final report included: identification of resources that could assist in the development plan; analysis of a survey of Ness Creek Festival patrons; high level interviews with potential user groups; assessing the preferences of tourism target market; competitor impact; identifying capital development costs; sensitivity analysis for different development options; SWOT analysis; and viability assessment.

Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan

2005 Arts Gala Feasibility Study

This project entailed a feasibility study for a 2-3 hour concert to celebrate the arts and artists of Saskatchewan during the province’s Centennial. The final report contained: three programming mix options with related budgets; a proposed marketing strategy; an assessment of potential financing sources; and a timeline for project development. The Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan 2005 Arts Gala took place at the Credit Union Centre in Saskatoon on May 19, 2005.

Membership and Fund Development Study –
Moose Jaw Art Museum & Gallery

The purpose of this study was to research and develop new strategies for increased funding from non-governmental funding sources including membership development, planned giving, foundation support, and corporate sponsorship. The project entailed: high level interviews with Canadian galleries of a similar size about membership recruitment and benefits, and fundraising activities; research into corporations and foundations that would potentially support the gallery; high level interviews with Community Foundations in the province about their donor and planning giving activities; and development of recommendations and strategies to achieve the goals of the project.

Ecotourism Accreditation Program Review –
Tourism Saskatchewan

Conducted a review of the Ecotourism of Saskatchewan’s Horizon Accreditation Program and the Saskatchewan Country Vacation Association’s Bed and Breakfast Accreditation Program. The review entailed primary and secondary research to identify the economic, educational and environmental impact of the programs, as well as gaps in related programming. The final report resulted in a profile of the two accreditation programs, programs in comparable jurisdictions, and recommendations related to the most efficient and effective delivery methods.

Provincial Arts Councils’ Marketing Assessment –
Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils

This study assessed the marketing capacity of 30 Arts Councils presenting a concert series through survey and focus groups. The final report contained an analysis of the Arts Councils’ understanding of marketing and their present marketing methods, and made recommendations to the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils to enhance the marketing efforts of its member Arts Councils’ programming and their presence in their communities.

Fundraising Strategy Framework –
CARFAC Saskatchewan Visual Artists

Facilitated discussions related to the development of a framework for a multi-year fundraising strategy. The study process entailed: a review of the organization’s profile and the key elements for an integrated fundraising plan; an assessment of fundraising needs; development of a communications strategy concurrent to the implementation of fundraising activities; development of integrated fundraising activities; identification of policy issues; and human resource requirements. The framework included: identification of 20 policy issues and related recommendations; committee job descriptions; volunteer recruitment, recognition and evaluation strategies; recommendations for an integrated fundraising and communication strategy; and a detailed action plan.

Human Resources Development Strategy –
Saskatchewan Motion Picture Association / SaskFilm

This purpose of this study was to assess the overall capacity of the Saskatchewan film industry with respect to the availability of skilled human resources to support current and anticipated future levels of film production. The project entailed: secondary research into studies completed in other jurisdictions; analysis of on-the-job training databases; high level interviews with individuals and companies working in the industry; research into training programs in other jurisdictions; and development of preliminary recommendations and organizing focus groups to test the recommendations. The final report contained information related to all of the above, as well as a series of recommendations to increase capacity within the sector to address current and future levels of production.

Fundraising Strategy for T.rex Discovery Centre –
Eastend Community Tourism Authority

Worked with Anderson/Fast Marketing Solutions to develop a comprehensive capital campaign fundraising strategy. The report included an overview of fund requirements, research related to tourism funding, identification of target groups and a detailed tactical plan.

Communications Plan –
Dance Saskatchewan

Worked with Anderson/Fast Marketing Solutions to develop a provincial communications plan that included target market segmentation profiles, strategic initiatives and requirements, and communication priorities.

Saskatoon Theatre Facility Feasibility Study –
Saskatoon Theatre Facility Group

Working with Anderson/Fast Marketing Solutions, assisted in the development of a functional model to potentially bring together four Saskatoon theatre companies. The report included: a situation analysis; needs assessment and preliminary conceptual models; comparable models assessment; space and location requirements and recommendations; and capital and operational financing.

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