Whether researching the latest trends, best practices of others, or acceptance rates for a new idea, our promise is for results that are grounded in careful and objective research. Through methods such as surveys, interviews, focus groups and secondary research we provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

Multiculturalism/Inclusiveness Consultations –

SaskCulture identified the need to ensure that the organization was inclusive, responsive and reflective of Saskatchewan’s growing diversity including diverse First Nations groups, the Métis peoples, the settlers who arrived early in the province’s history, as well as the many newcomers arriving in recent years and forecasted to arrive in years to come. Working with R. Anderson & Associates, conducted province-wide consultations to inform the development of an inclusiveness strategy and action plan to ensure SaskCulture and its member organizations were working towards engaging the new demographics of Saskatchewan. The final report included an analysis of the state of readiness of SaskCulture’s member organizations related to inclusiveness, key findings on planning topics, and recommendations related to planning considerations.

Destination Area Development Plan –
55 West Enterprise Region / Tourism Saskatchewan

Reviewed tourism studies focusing on northern Saskatchewan dating back to 1999 to summarize recommendations from these studies and develop a presentation for a series of community meetings, provided recording services at community consultations, and created a report for the development of a Tourism Destination Area Plan for the region.

Tourism Definitions Highway Signage –
Tourism Saskatchewan

Conducted primary and secondary research in Canadian jurisdictions to determine definitions and criteria used in tourism signing programs. The final report included an overview of research and recommendations related to Saskatchewan’s tourism signing program and policy.

Global Grants Program Options –
Saskatchewan Arts Board

This study entailed reviewing funding programs of the Saskatchewan Arts Board in light of new responsibilities associated with funding for Media Arts and Festivals, and new responsibilities related to Cultural Industries in the province. The final report included a situational analysis, review of agreements between SaskCulture and the Arts Board, review of Arts Board funding programs, review of Provincial Cultural Organization funding, review of changes to federal and provincial government funding, and recommendations related to incorporating new responsibilities into the Arts Boards’ business.

Business & the Arts: Service Relationship Indicators –
Saskatchewan Arts Alliance

Conducted primary and secondary research into the service relationship (primarily non-monetary) between Saskatchewan businesses and the arts. The study involved reviewing existing documents relevant to the study area, interviewing key players in other jurisdictions, and interviewing Saskatchewan businesses and arts organizations. The study provided indications about the business community’s views on the arts and vice versa; and resulted in ten recommendations leading to a single strategy to strengthen the relationship between these two sectors.

Licensing Agreement Review –
Little Gallery (now the Art Gallery of Prince Albert)

Worked with the Board of Directors and senior staff to identify core issues and positions related to a licensing agreement between the Little Gallery and its new landlord, the E.A. Rawlinson Center for the Performing Arts. The study process entailed: a review and analysis of discussion papers and related documents; an environmental scan; facilitated discussions on issues and potential positions; and analysis of discussions. The report included: a recommended response to the discussion paper; an overview of 28 issues and preferred, mid-point and bottom-line positions for each issue; and a detailed action plan and timeline to resolve issue positions and begin license negotiations.

Aboriginal Arts Presentation Study –
Department of Canadian Heritage

The study included: research into, and identification of, groups presenting Aboriginal performing arts; interviewing each group by mailed survey and/or telephone; and compiling results for the Department. The intent of the study was to ascertain whether the Department’s Arts Presentation Program was meeting the needs of Aboriginal groups around the province.

Museums Funding Review –

Working with Anderson/Fast Marketing Solutions, prepared a report which included a profile of Saskatchewan’s museums, a summary of funding sources and their mandates, a needs assessment, a responsive framework with related actions, and a collaborative strategy for moving forward.

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